The savior part 1

Merpurr: Hi..umm..I’ve been busy adjusting to my new home. Trainers dressed in red ambushed my lagoon for I am the only Merpurr in existence. After the explosion of battle destroying the pond, I moved in with my savoir. He jumped in after I fainted, so I don’t remember much of anything all I remember is waking up in a iced kelp sea bed to keep me hydrated not knowing how long I was out…



((From Emiisaur the Merpurr mod))

((Emiisaur: Hi! sorry I’ve been so neglectful of this blog..thank you for all your support, and I’ll be starting on getting Merpurr to your questions. She has been really busy since her home has been under attack..She’ll be back soon though..thank you for your patience))

((Yes there will be a comic too saying what has happened to her recently.))

((~Emiisaur the Merpurr mod))

Merpurr: My Daddy was the strongest Vaporeon! He was amazing..Me and my Daddy were seperated..I haven’t seen him and mommy in so long… Let’s change the subject okay? Maybe another time I can tell you what happened…

Merpurr: They’re as bright as the sun itself! You can have a Grepa Berry! Enjoy it! ^//u//^

Merpurr: My favorite water power is making glittering psychic bubbles at night! They shine off the moon so nicely! Oh oh! Squirting light Water Guns from my ears and mouth is fun too! ^//o//^